Classic Cars Mechanic Townsvile


Jeff specialises in classic cars and can aid or advise you with all of your automotive needs. Whether you are wanting to use your vintage vehicle on the weekends, or participate in specialised races like Targa, Coop's Automotive can supply the automotive services you need to get your classic car on the road and running like a dream, transporting you back to it's heyday.

Jeff is happy to provide regular services, engine tuning gearbox or axle rebuilds, engine restoration, auto electrical maintenance and safety certificates for classic cars of all makes and models. He can also do a thorough pre-purchase inspection for you to make sure you are not getting overcharged on the classic car you are interested in purchasing, which is vitally important as vintage cars are already quite costly with general restoration and maintenance.

Jeff will spend hours sourcing new parts, or restore your vintage parts that have deteriorated over time if they are still in workable order. With 25 years' experience in automotive mechanics, your classic car will be treated with the respect and expertise it deserves.